Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Organization in the Kitchen & Laundry Room - DIY Tray Inserts

Lately I have had a thing for trays.  I find myself grouping things on trays all throughout our house.  I think it makes everything look a little neater, especially in the kitchen.

My kitchen is small and I have very limited counter space, so the least little thing lying on the counter tends to look like clutter, to me anyways.  So, grouping commonly used items on a tray just looks nicer!

 I have been trying to do more cooking lately.  It's definitely a weakness for me, so anything to make it a little easier is a win!  One thing I find that makes this chore easier is having the essentials right beside the stove.  This is where the tray, well basket, comes in!

This is a basket I have had for so long I can't even remember where it is from.  It was the perfect size to hold everything I needed, and it fit the space well.  The only problem was since it's a basket, there was not a smooth surface to set everything on.  The oil kept falling over, and salt and pepper were spilling through the weaves of the basket. 

I decided to whip up something to solve my dilemma. It's definitely nothing fancy, but it does the job, and I didn't spend a penny! 

I used a piece of wrapping paper that I already had. You may recognize it from this project.  I cut a piece of cardboard to fit the bottom of the basket, and taped the wrapping paper around it, wrapping it as you would a gift. 

Next, I wrapped the entire piece with clear contact paper to create a wipe-able surface.  Then I plopped it down in the basket and arranged my cooking essentials on top.  That's it! 

Eventually I would like to do this project using a sheet of acrylic to create something a little more permanent, but for now this is working great! Everything sits level and I can easily wipe up any spills. The fun print of the paper is an added bonus!

While I was at it, I went ahead and made an insert for this old wooden crate.

For this one I used contact paper leftover from my pantry project, which I still need to post about. 

I placed it in our laundry room to hold all my laundry supplies.  This way I can have my laundry essentials within reach and it still looks neat and organized.

I like the character this old crate brings to this space as well.  I'm off to put the finishing touches on our pantry so I can share it with you soon!

Have a BLESSED day!

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Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day and lots of snow!

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!

We have been blessed with quite a bit of snow these past couple of days, and we have been taking time out to enjoy it!
Schools are closed and the kid's have been having a blast! This is the first big snow we have had since my little man has been big enough to really enjoy it!

I tip-toed out of the house early yesterday morning to snap a few shots of the freshly fallen snow around our house.  It was so calm, peaceful, and beautiful! 

My husband even had a snow day yesterday, so we spent the entire day hanging out as a family.   After breakfast we got on our snow gear and headed out the door.  Audrey said we were going on an adventure! Who wants to stay inside when there is so much to see?! Not us! Here is the view as we were pulling out of our driveway. Yep, that's the road under there.

The first thing we had to do was feed the cows.  The kid's always love helping out with this job. They love riding the tractor.

While my husband finished up a few chores around the farm, the kid's and I played in the snow.

Oh and Audrey had to have a wardrobe change mid way through our adventure.  I swear she changes clothes a million times a day.  She says "mom, it's about fashion". Oh my!

Later on we took a little drive to see all the pretty scenery.

We finished out our day by sleigh riding! I didn't take any pictures though, since I was participating! The kid's had a blast, and so did we.

I'm sure today will be spent much the same! 

Have a BLESSED Day!